03 October 2012

10 Most Risky Foods to Eat

Mushrooms can be lethal. The most deadly types of mushrooms are the Death Cap, Destroying Angels and Deadly Webcap. These mushrooms contain several different kinds of poison, and even a single bite will kill a person in a horrible manner. The Gyomitra which is lethal is often mistaken for Morrel which is not deadly. 

The poison in this fish is 1,200 times more deadly than cyanide. Japanese prize this fish as a delicacy. To acquire a license as a Fugu chef is a lengthy and exhaustive process. Passing the ultimate test includes the chef preparing Fugu and eating it himself. This is the one of the riskiest of foods. The parts that contain the most poison are the liver, muscles, ovaries and the skin. 

Shellfish poisoning is mostly caused by eating mussels, clams, oyster and scallops. Most shellfish are filter feeders and usually have high levels of poisonous substances; the most dangerous of them is domoic acid which is produced microscopic algae. Sometimes even cooking does not neutralize these poisonous substances. 

The reason that Rhubarb recipes usually contain the stem and not the leaves is because the leaves contain a lot more oxalate, which in large doses causes poisoning. The leaves are among the most risky of foods and should be avoided.

Potatoes are the most consumed vegetables in the world, but they too contain poisonous substances that can cause headaches, diarrhea, cramps and sometime even death. Potatoes exposed to light develop traces of solanine and turn green. Avoid eating potatoes that have turned green. 

Apricot Seeds 
Most seed bearing fruits contain cyanogenetic glycosides which when eaten, discharge hydrogen cyanide gas. Seeds from apricots, cherries, apples, plums and peaches are included in this category. Although it would take a substantial amount of apricot seeds to kill person, keep this in mind when you decide to eat all the seeds of the apricots that you have just eaten. Many deaths have been reported of people who ate too many apricot seeds. 

This fruit is basically a berry, and although it is safe, it does contain glycoalkolids which are poisonous and can be harmful. 

Chocolate has the alkaloid therbromine which can poison humans. However, it would take a massive quantity of chocolate to kill a person. But dogs, parrots, horses and cats can die just by swallowing even a small quantity. 

Tapioca contains cyanide whose originator linamarin does no harm when it is properly dried, soaked and baked. 

This can be very deadly for humans that are allergic to it. The thing is to be careful of artificially flavored nuts because they might contain some other kind of nut that you might be allergic to. 

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