05 March 2009

I am suprised....

Today Im quite surprised and disappointed when student practical at my company said to me I working only 9am-5pm and get paid only RM200... Im quite suprising because this is the first time I heard such that statement.

It's seems that the praktical student is blind with money and I think they have forget they practical is to gain experience not money. For me even I as a worker, money is the second part and the 1st part is to gain experience. Nothing more. Even people said, today money is importanat but for me,experience is more important than money. Experience cannot be buy with money. And I think someone in the office has incite them with money and I think I know who that person is.

They think they only work when get paid. As you all know, my boss is quite stingly. And my company don't have OT,even Im at site don't have OT. Maybe later I will discuss with my Project Manager about my OT.

But the this is, student practical at my company also has be blind with money. Since I start practical and work, I never said that I got paid only for 9am - 5pm. But I always said that my salary is not enought to make all post starting from Site Agent,Site Supervisor,Project Engineer and Site Engineer.Damn...

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