08 April 2008

New PSP Messenger

Mulai hari ini, aku dengan PSP aku akan menjelajah bersama-sama dimana PSP aku skg boleh pakai yahoo messenger....yes...bestnya dpt online dimana-mana...

AFKIM v3.3.3 - now with bugfix

If you caught the last update of Danzel's AFKIM for the Sony PlayStation Portable, then you know that the universal IM client is having a bit of a trouble with the BitlBee server. Now, Zx-81 has released yet another build, version 3.3.3, in response to the issues cropping up, and we're here to make sure that the Instant Messaging joy gets resumed for you as quick as possible.

Here's the changelog of the latest version of AFKIM:
  • Add simple splash screen and fix video black screen issue
  • Bug fix with latin characters
  • Fix in network name resolution
For those of us not in the know, AFKIM is a universal chat client for your Sony PlayStation Portable, and it handles today's most popular clients such as Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, GTalk and MSN. Enjoy!


Thanks to hoffner and inimachi coz tlg aku install ym kat psp :-)

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